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Tariff Information Record

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Tariff Authority Record


The undersigned hereby certifies that the tariff information contained within this hypertext document is true and accurate and that no unlawful alterations will be permitted.

NVOCC Posival & Company, LLC dba CMH Shipping Corporation
NVOCC Bond Number 612418961
Bond Issuer United States Fire Insurance Company
Signature Damiano Masetti
Title Director

Number:  002
Title:  Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Governing Rules Tariff No. 002
NRA:  Yes
Type:  N/a
Issued:  29JUN2023
Canceled:  N/A
Fmc Org Number:  032927
Type:  FC
Wt Ton Value:  1000
Weight Unit:  KGS
Vol Ton Value:  1
Volume Unit:  CBM
Currency:  USD
Desc:  NVOCC
Name:  POSIVAL & COMPANY, LLC dba CMH Shipping Corporation
Address1:  341 South Third Street, Suite 100-400
City:  Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. (43215)
Contact:  Maxwell Posival
Phone:  1-614-288-7653
Fax:  N/A
Desc:  Tariff Publisher
Name:  FMC Compliance Services
Address:  1595 Persian Avenue
City:  Loveland, CO, United States (80537-3735)
Contact:  Laurie A. Olson
Phone:  970-667-9825
Fax:  970-692-2595
Origin Scope: Expand/Collapse
Destination Scope: Expand/Collapse